Vision Statement
Hope Springs to Life is a non-profit animal rescue and human restoration ranch that provides hope, healing, restoration and purpose to those whom are abused, neglected and abandoned, and animals tagged for slaughter or euthanasia.

Our Mission
The organization's mission is to: rescue, heal, train and work hand in hand with the Lord in not only saving these precious animals, but for each animal and individual's purpose and hope to spring to life.
Through therapies such as Equine and Canine Therapy hope is restored through experiencing the bond between the animal and participant. Through the bonding process participants:
  • Learn to foster emotional growth and healing
  • Experience restoration of trust and confidence
  • Improve self-awareness and focus
  • Develop anger management skills
  • Build strong and appropriate boundaries
  • Reduce loneliness, anxiety, and feelings of isolation
  • Decrease impulsive and self-destructive behaviors
  • Foster creativity
  • Gain the ability to establish beautiful healthy relationships through the Lord Jesus Christ