Meet Shalom
Shalom was a two-year-old Andalusian mustang that was rescued through a reservation in the deserts of Arizona. The Arizona deserts are noted for their population of wild mustangs, free roaming horses of the North American West brought here by the Spanish. This wild boy had to be hog tied, put on a psuedo sled and dragged into the facility. He had been starving for some time and was about 300 pounds underweight.
Meet Hope
By October of 2012 Shalom had recovered weight and strength and was moved to a boarding facility where Mary worked with him, but Shalom yearned for constant companionship and within the month, by the prompting of the Lord, Mary googled mini horses.
I thought, "what do you do with a mini?" and found that they can be used for assisted living and therapy animals.
Meet Desi
In September 2016 Mary stepped out in faith and rented a two acre ranch to temporarily house our two rescued horses and two rescued dogs who in turn will be used in equine and canine therapy. After God supplied someone with a horse trailer to bring them down to the new Ranch, we were offered an additional rescue in a horse named Desi. Which once we finally received Desi's registered papers, we discovered was short for Desire.
Meet Faith & Grace
Faith and Grace (Labrador/Rottweiler/Pitbull mixes) came to us on Valentine's day in 2013 from a nearby rescue. They had been found on the side of the road with their 8 litter-mates in a box. They were malnourished, had respiratory and eye infections. Their mother was speculated to have had infection(s) prior to birthing these pups.
Our We Little Ones Maggie is my seven year old Cairn Terrier, a permanent resident and canine matriarch. She was a rescue from the inner city when she was 6 months old. She is lovingly known as "the Ranch Dog." She will run amongst the horses, and do her rounds through the chicken coop and run checking on the safety and wellbeing of the chickens in our "Cluckerville" village. She lays in the horse stalls for hours protecting the little bunnies while their parents are away from the den. She is first to greet visitors gleefully with a rather off key welcome then wiggle until her need for affection has been satisfied.

Maxwell (Max/Max a million/Mr. Max) and Mickey (Mick-Mick) are our latest rescues, Cairn Terrier Mixes which look more like "teddy dogs." Mickey, when tease just right by Mary, has a natural mohawk which is very comical as he looks with pleading eyes - "pet me." Max just assumes that everyone, EVERYONE, loves him. They are rescues which had been on the "E list." They were malnourished, full of flees, ticks and had eye infections. The brothers have basic training and are best buddies with both Maggie and Faith. They love when clients, helpers and workers visit as they think it's all about them. They have been exposed to the chickens and horses and can't really be bothered with them. They too will be trained to become therapy dogs.