Desi's Story
"There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man!"
Winston Churchill

In September 2016 Mary stepped out in faith and rented a two acre ranch to temporarily house our two rescued horses and two rescued dogs who in turn will be used in equine and canine therapy. After God supplied someone with a horse trailer to bring them down to the new Ranch, we were offered an additional rescue in a horse named Desi. Which once we finally received Desi's registered papers, we discovered was short for Desire.

What a testament to God giving us our hearts desire. Not only did He arrange for us to be given this horse, but a volunteer with the horse trailer just happened to have the exact amount a space for all three horses. Another volunteer offered to pick up the shots we needed and administrated them, as well as organized and oversaw the arrangement of a farrier to trim up his much overgrown hooves. In addition, several volunteers got together and supplied supplements that would be needed to put the much needed weight back on Desi. He also had his teeth floated.

After extensive radio active testing, Desi is found to be lame. His rear hocks are "bone on bone", he has a cyst in his right stifle and his front leg is torqued so that his hoof is at an angle. Desi requires specialty shoes on his front legs to reduce his pain, MSM and glucosamine. Despite all that, Desi still gets to minister in his own ways to the many who come to visit and receive therapy of their own.

To see God's hand through-out this entire process has been a testament to His faithfulness and love for each one of His creations. With our deepest gratitude, we give Him all the glory and honor and praise in Jesus name.