Thank you for your interest in Hope Springs To Life Ranch. We have dedicated our lives to the rescue from abuse, neglect, slaughter and premature death, rehabilitation and re-homing of horses and dogs, and/or for equine or canine therapy in a safe place for them to live the remainder of their lives.
It is our desire to share their passion and joy with folks such as you.

Small Beginnings
Hope Springs To Life Ranch privately began in 2012 when Mary met Shalom, a dying wild partially blind mustang that was born on the reservation. As a threat to the herd, he was ostracized and found starving. He was hog-tied and dragged into the reservation facility to bury that day or the next day.

We are named Hope Springs To Life Ranch because we try to nurture the Hope of the Lord and encourage the hope of God's original purpose to spring up in the way we handle/care for these precious animals and His children!

It is our mission to help people and horses have a better quality of life together.

We provide rescue, restoration and re-homing for horses and dogs. We also work together with these wonderful animals for equine or canine therapies with His children as they have need.

We are always changing so please come back regularly to see what's new or join our newsletter.